STEM Maker Set

Welcome to the STEM Maker Set information and support page. This gives you a small sample of a few of the Design challenges and some images of easy, to more advanced, ways for kids to make a machine to achieve the challenge. We could give specific instructions, but the nature of the Maker Set is for it to be open-ended, providing a youngster an opportunity to experiment and innovate with designs and possibilities.

In this design challenge a youngster needs to make a platform lifter. There are a wide range of designs – from the simplest – that hang on pipe cleaner, to very complex, using two parallel linkages . As students Click on the thumbnail to see it full size.

You can make bridges with the Set and there are 3 different types to make; Lift, swing and Bascule

You can use the round pieces as winders and pulleys to lift – you don’t always need the hydraulics!

Below is a simple bridge – but they can be more complex!